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PLANT-GIKEN : We are pioneers of the ash handling.





The inner-tube to pour compressed air separately in the pipage is installed.

This structure in which a pipe was installed is the feature and a large number of advantages are offered to double-tube conveying systems by this structure.

特 徴

● Wear life of pipage is long. The wear is no problem for more than 30 years below 0.1mm/year by STPG pipe use by results, and the use of abrasion resistant steel is unnecessary.
● initial cost and running cost are inexpensive.
● The aerial amount of consumption is little and efficient.
● Even if a system is stopped in the double pipe lines while leaving ash, it’s possible to resume in its state.
Then it isn’t necessary to be linear cleaning.
● This system is controlled independently.
Stable running is always made of that.
● More than 1000 m of long-distance conveying is possible and with a good record of performance.