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PLANT-GIKEN : We are pioneers of the ash handling.


PLANT-GIKEN Co., Ltd. paid attention to Ash pump method as a method superior to a water seal type scraper conveyer method and a jet pump method and pushed forward research and development.
We delivered the ash processor by the first Japanese Ash pump method to the thermal power station and, in 1991, was able to obtain a splendid driving result.
Because there were few water and electric consumption, and facilities were compact, and use was a brief device, it was adopted in the power station of each place.
In 1998, We delivered this device to the power station of domestic largest 1050MW.
ash pump system

The ash drained from clinkerhopper is crushed in the clinkercrusher, and it is transported by waterpower with Ash pump to a dewatering bin.
The ash after the dehydration is transported by a truck or marine transportation by a reuse place or ashpond.
The processing water which removed ash is returned to the surgetank after reducing SS density in ash setting tank and is reused.

Our equipment is

● can largely save power of the bottom ash processing.
● can reduce a cost of equipment.
● it is a low noise, and is very stable.
● Long-distance conveying is possible.
● can reduce the abrasion of the pump.

ash pump

ash pump

peripheral equipment of clinkerhopper