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PLANT-GIKEN : We are pioneers of the ash handling.

We are pioneers of the ash handling system.

We are makers of an ash handling equipment for boilers and the ammonia injection equipment.
We have long experience and the abundant results and an original technique.
And we try for following environment and develop of high quality and low-cost facilities.

Environmental initiatives

Oil and the coal are used as production raw materials and an energy source in large quantities in the field of every industry.

With these transportation and combustion, dust and pollution gas are generated.

PLANT-GIKEN delivered an Ash handling system and the ammonia infusion device of the thermal power station mainly for many years.

We are grounded on the results that we got during half a century and the trust that we got from a customer, and, using the technique that we cultivated for many years, the development of the pollution arrester work on with enthusiasm.

PLANT-GIKEN adopts “ASH” in logo mark as a pioneer of the ash handling.This “A-S-H” contains a wish for our policies.

“Active”   ———  We are active and continue being a speedy company.

“Special”  ———  We mature into the special company in an original technique.

“Humanity”  ——  We make healthy workplace environment full of human nature.